Horse Woman – Brampton – Beccles (Attempted)

I attempted to walk from Brampton to Beccles in Suffolk following an equestrian path; however I found myself stuck at Shadingfield and Willingham due to a busy carriageway and endless private fields. This is the first walk I have made during this investigation that I have completed on my own, as a result of this it became the most difficult one. I am not brilliant with directions and I can’t help but wonder that if I had taken a documenter with me that they may have suggested a way to overcome the obstacle. Having said that, doing this alone was very much a valuable quest to have made.

A fellow artist commented the other day, he asked when I would be making some performances. I thought I’d been making them all along. Though is a walk a performance? I think it is.

I have been writing a lot recently hence I haven’t blogged for a while, though I have been continuously working on the project. I am aiming to have it ready to take to venues by May time. As well as completing the story I am writing an essay on my findings and am putting my research into a document that is easier to follow, more concise and edited of unimportant findings.

I feel I am close to coming face to face with a horse soon also, I am moving to Machynlleth where Matt Collishaw recently filmed some of his video work at a local stables, which means they should be more accommodating than the Cornish horse stables were. Hopefully.