Tania Bruguera – Crowd Control


Horse Woman – The Walks

I found the book ‘The Bridleways of Britain’ a few weeks ago and have decided to use it as a guide to complete a series of performance walks. Although I have started Horse Woman this will simply assist in controlling the exercise which I believe it needs. Prior to this I have simply chosen walks that were close to where I was living or staying, using this book will push me to visit a number of areas across Britain. The walks are chosen for the book as they have been highly recommended by horse riders who often own their own land and horses. I am aware that this may take some time but I feel that the project now has an aim, it will also be an interesting investigation into performance and endurance (through both the projects commitment and also the length of some of the walks).

Alongside these walks, performances are being made indoors such as in gallery spaces as well as this, the text for the story continues to be developed with the aim of becoming a book. One of the works created from the story of Horse Woman will be performed at Hatch:Scratch, Leicester, Sunday June 17th from 6pm.